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9x9 Forced Matrix Script with all Pages (1 in linea) (1) Ospite
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Discussione: 9x9 Forced Matrix Script with all Pages
9x9 Forced Matrix Script with all Pages 3 mesi, 4 settimane fa  
9x9 Forced Matrix Script with all Pages
9x9 Forced Matrix Script with all Pages

Members get paid for the referrals referred by their referrals and then for their referrals and so on, 9 levels deep without fail !

Admin Earn HIGH Commission on Each new Member !

Come with 6 .PSD Header Images and 6 .PSD Banner Files to jump start your site.

Features :
Main :
-- Accepts PayPal, E-gold or StormPay
-- Set Subscription option for Paypal or Stormpay
-- Automated account creation
-- Set Price for Matrix
-- Set Payment ID
-- Set Emails confirmation for upline and admin
-- All pages created for you
-- Very easy to configure
-- You can customize the colour scheme
-- Members can view all 9 upline members and view all downline members 9 levels (active or not) deep
-- Unique referral link for all members to advertise and fill their matrix
-- This is a forced matrix which will offer spillover. Once their sponsor has his/her first level full all other referring members will be spilled over to their downline

Admin Area :
- Search Members
- View Top 10 Referers
- Member Total
- Send Mails
- Check User Emails List
- Add or Remove Banner Rotator
- Debit/Credit Members Accounts
- Create Redemptions offer for Members

User Area :
- Download Ebooks
- Select or View Logos and Banners to refer other
- Select or View Text Advertisements to refer other
- Edit their information
- Delete their Account

Fully working with all modification just make sure you have register_globals turned ON



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